Amateur Radio


Callsign WB8BIU
DMR-ID 3193893
City Columbus
State OH




Online Presence


As I am a (poor) student with not a lot of time on my hand, I request QSLs be in the form of EQSLs. They are easier to track, and I do not have to pay for postage for return QSLs. Thank You!

Callsign History

WB8BIU Significance

WB8BIU was issued to my grandfather, Clifford “Denny” Perry. For as long as I could remember, Denny had his giant antenna outside of his house, and had his HAM setup in his basement. I remember him taking me to some HAM events to help with parking and such in West Chester, Ohio. My grandfather passed away on May 24, 2020. Following his death, I decided to take on his callsign as HAM radio was a large part of his life.

Clifford D. Perry
Clifford D. Perry