Project Trump

Class Description (From Miami University)

Principles of software engineering: Introduction to all phases of the software development life cycle and associated tools and engineering methods including the unified modeling language (UML).

Program Description

This application was an application repository. This application stored both embedded (Java) applications and linked (website) applications. This system sorted the applications into categories, and displayed them in an easy to understand manner. The application also allowed for user registration and moderation. Logged in users were able to favorite applications that were persistent between restarts. Additionally users were able to post reviews about each application and create a request to add a new application. User ranks were also implemented, which allowed desginated admins and moderators to effectively manage. Moderators were able to delete reviews. Admins were able to delete reviews, accept new requests, delete applications, add applications, add users, remove users, and change user’s ranks.

Technologies / Methodologies



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